Els Ángels Racing: new women’s development squad in Girona

Els Ángels is one of my favourite local climbs. It’s close to town when my training window is small, it’s the site of Girona’s annual hill climb as part of the Girona Cycling Festival, and it’s got a really cool name.

At the top of it’s 12 km of gradual incline is a bar (what self-respecting monastery would be without one), a terrace and 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape. From there you can see Girona, Rocacorba (namesake of our brother team), out to Sant Hilari Sacalm, you can see out to the Costa Brava, across to Mare de Deu del Mont and the Pyrenees on the distant horizon. It’s beautiful.

I made the decision to go for it and set up the team when on the slopes of Els Ángels. It seems like the time is right, local women’s teams are few and far between & it’s time for me to give back after years of benefiting from the support of others.

The plan is simple. Bring together riders in Girona (those who are from here, those who are living here, those who are visiting) and race our hearts out. Whether it’s women new to racing, or women with some experience looking to try out racing in Catalunya & Spain, all are welcome.

Here’s our first call out to racers, volunteers for race day support & sponsors keen to get behind a new project in Girona to help develop women’s cycling here. We’re open to all ideas. Please get in touch & spread the word!

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